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Domestic Violence is a serious issue that can wreak havoc on a fathers mental and physical well-being. Whether you are the victim or the accused, Domestic Violence accusations in family law court can have serious consequences on child custody decisions and a fathers access to his children. Most commonly, fathers find themselves on the end of accusations. These accusations and situations must be handled with the upmost seriousness to ensure the most positive outcome for both father and children. 

Dads in Orange, Riverside, or San Bernardino Counties Need a True  Advocate to Fight for Them in Family Law Court

In many California Family Law cases involving domestic violence accusations, there may be only a few opportunities for a father to present his case to the court and it is imperative you have the right team on your side to make those few precious moments count. Knowing the courts, their local rules, and the best practices in representing fathers in these trying times are all key factors in making the most out of the precious time in front of a family law court judge. Doing so will give you the best chance of securing the orders you need to begin the next phase of your life poised for success versus enduring a lifetime of financial hardship and struggle as a result of unfair orders.

Success is in the Details in Family Law Court for Southern California Dads

 California Defines Domestic Violence as:  intentionally or recklessly causing or trying to cause bodily injury, sexual assault, making other people feel reasonably afraid that they or someone else are in danger of immediate bodily injury, and, or any other behavior that could cause a court to issue a domestic protective order, including harassment, unwanted telephone calls, stalking, threats, and physical assault.

All that conduct is considered domestic violence when it's committed against the following people: current and former spouses, people who live together or formerly lived together on a regular basis, people who are related by blood or marriage, people who have children together, and people who are or have been dating or engaged.

Fathers must understand that Domestic Violence in Family Court can be found by a "propoderance of the evidence", which is considerably lower than the "beyond reasonable doubt" used in Criminal Court.

When it comes to child custody, the California legislature's public policy is to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of children. According to the legislature, it is detrimental to a child if domestic violence or abuse is perpetrated in the child's home. The legislature's policy is also that all court orders have to be made in a manner that ensures the safety of the child and the child's family members. Thus, California custody law requires judges to take domestic abuse into account when determining legal and physical custody.

At Reel Fathers' Rights, our Goal is to Protect Your Right to Parent and Defend You from Nefarious Domestic Violence Accusations

By a Father, Designed for Fathers. During the most challenging chapter of your life, put someone who understands where you are at in life and someone who's life work is to empower fathers in your corner. You deserve to move on in your life. You deserve to play a key role in the raising of children. At Reel Fathers' Rights, we will fight for you from initial consultation all the way through dissolution and beyond. With client education, communication, legal knowledge and skill in the courtroom, our goal is to leave you saying "I love my lawyer."  Do not take a chance during this difficult chapter. By a Father, Designed for Fathers.

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Put a Southern California Father's Rights Domestic Violence Attorney on your side today: By a Father, Designed for Fathers. At Reel Father's Rights we focus solely on representing men and fathers in their time of need in California Child Custody proceedings. If you reside in Orange, Riverside or San Bernardino Counties, give us a call today at (951)223-1058 or Request a consultation digitally here.

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