Media Appearances

As a Single Father, Dedicated Family Law Attorney, and Advocate for Equal and Shared Parenting Legislation, Mark nationally recognized in the Father's Rights community as a dedicated and zealous advocate for fathers. He is available for commentary or comment on TV, Print, Radio, Podcast or other forms of media. He is available to talk about the Family Law Courts, Active Legislation Regarding Parenting, Father's Rights, and  other related topics. Mark has made appearances on several media platforms including Live with Rosa presented by The Fathers Rights Movement, The Show Up Dad Podcast, and The Divorce Matters Podcast as well as hosting his own weekly show broadcast internationally by The Fathers Rights Movement, STATE of the FAMILY COURTS, which can be watched weekly on The Fathers Rights Movement's Facebook and Youtube pages every Thursday evening at 8pm EST/5pm PST 

If you or your organization are interested in Mark appearing on your show as a guest or providing commentary, he can be reached at

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